CP2010 Accepted Papers

Barnaby Martin . The lattice structure of sets of surjective hyper-operations
Justin Yip and Pascal Van Hentenryck . Exponential Propagation for Set Variables
Justyna Petke and Peter Jeavons. Local consistency and SAT-solvers
Yves Deville and Pascal Van Hentenryck . Domain Consistency with Forbidden Values
David Allouche, Simon de Givry and Thomas Schiex . Towards Parallel Non Serial Dynamic Programming for Solving Hard Weighted CSP
Karl Sundequist Blomdahl, Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson. Contingency Plans for Air Traffic Management
Martin C. Cooper and Stanislav Zivny . A new hybrid tractable class of soft constraint problems
Ross Willard . Testing expressibility is hard
Florent Madelaine . On the containment of forbidden patterns problems
SOULIGNAC Michaël, RUEHER Michel and TAILLIBERT Patrick. A Safe and Flexible CP-based Approach for Velocity Tuning Problems
Long Guo, Youssef Hamadi , Said Jabbour and Lakhdar Sais . Diversification and Intensification in Parallel SAT Solving
Tommi Junttila and Petteri Kaski . Exact Cover via Satisfiability: An Empirical Study
Gilles Trombettoni , Yves Papegay, Gilles Chabert and Odile Pourtallier. A Box-Consistency Contractor Based on Extremal Functions
Mehdi Khiari, Patrice Boizumault and Bruno Cremilleux . Constraint Programming for Mining n-ary Patterns
Ignacio Araya, Gilles Trombettoni and Bertrand Neveu . Making Adaptive an Interval Constraint Propagation Algorithm Exploiting Monotonicity
Chris Beck . Checking-up on Branch-and-Check
George Katsirelos, Nina Narodytska and Toby Walsh . Static Constraints for Breaking Row and Column Symmetry
Yevgeny Schreiber. Value-Ordering Heuristics: Search Performance vs. Solution Diversity
christian bessiere, George Katsirelos, Nina Narodytska , Claude-Guy Quimper and Toby Walsh . Decomposition of the NValue Constraint
Andreas Bauer , Viorica Botea, Mark Brown, Matt Gray, Daniel Harabor and John Slaney . An Integrated Modelling, Debugging, and Visualisation Environment for G12
Lazaar Nadjib , Gotlieb Arnaud and Lebbah Yahia . On Testing Constraint Programs
Christian Schulte , Roberto Castañeda Lozano and Lars Wahlberg. Testing Continuous Double Auctions with a Constraint-based Oracle
Bruno Marre and Claude Michel. Improving the floating point addition and subtraction constraints
Stefano Ermon, Carla Gomes and Bart Selman . Computing the Density of States of Boolean Formulas
Sigal Asaf, Haggai Eran, Yossi Richter, Daniel P. Connors, Donna L. Gresh, Julio Ortega and Michael J Mcinnis. Optimatch: Applying Constraint Programming to Identification and Assignment of Service Professionals
Roman van der Krogt , Jacob Feldman , James Little and David Stynes. An Integrated Business Rules and Constraints Approach to Data Centre Capacity Management
Gilles CHABERT and Nicolas BELDICEANU . Sweeping with Continuous Domains
Helmut Simonis, Paul Davern, Jacob Feldman , Deepak Mehta, Luis Quesada and Mats Carlsson. A Generic Visualization Platform for CP
Ahmet Serkan Karata., Halit O.uztüzün and Ali . Global Constraints on Feature Models
Goldsztejn Alexandre , Olivier Mullier, Damien Eveillard and Hiroshi Hosobe . Including Ordinary Differential Equations Based Constraints in the Standard CP Framework
Jussi Rintanen . Heuristics for Planning with SAT
Eoin O'Mahony , Siddhartha Jain and Meinolf Sellmann. A Complete Multi-Valued SAT Solver
Samid Hoda, Willem-Jan van Hoeve and John Hooker . A Systematic Approach to MDD-Based Constraint Programming
Thanasis Balafoutis, Anastasia Paparrizou, Kostas Stergiou and Toby Walsh . Improving the Performance of maxRPC
Russell Bent and Pascal Van Hentenryck . Spatial, Temporal, and Hybrid Decompositions For Large-Scale Vehicle Routing with TimeWindows
Laurent Michel , Alexander Shvartsman , Elaine Sonderegger and Pascal Van Hentenryck . Load Balancing and Almost Symmetries for RAMBO Quorum Hosting
David Lesaint, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan , Nic Wilson and Luis Quesada . Context-Sensitive Call Control using Constraints and Rules
Balder ten Cate , Phokion Kolaitis and Wang-Chiew Tan . Database Constraints and Homomorphism Dualities
Andreas Schutt and Armin Wolf . A New O(n^2 log n) Not-First/Not-Last Pruning Algorithm for Cumulative Resource Constraints
Gianluigi Greco and Francesco Scarcello . Structural Tractability of Enumerating CSP Solutions
Lars Kotthoff , Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale . Ensemble classification for constraint solver configuration
Alessandro Dal Palu , Mathias Möhl and Sebastian Will. A Propagator for Maximum Weight String Matching with Arbitrary Pairwise Dependencies
Ian Gent, Chris Jefferson, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale . Generating Special-purpose Stateless Propagators for Arbitrary Constraints
Hadrien Cambazard and Barry O'Sullivan . Propagating the Bin Packing Constraint using Linear Programming
Michela Milano and Michele Lombardi. Constraint Based Scheduling to deal with Uncertain Durations and Self-Timed Execution
Jessica Davies, Jeremy Cho and Fahiem Bacchus . Using Learnt Clauses in Max-SAT
Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Bistra Dilkina , Carla Gomes and Ashish Sabharwal . An Empirical Study of Optimization for Maximizing Diffusion in Networks